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Jun. 19th, 2008

This feels wrong. Something is wrong.

☆ ★ ☆Colorbars----->

☆ ★ ☆Collapse )

Yeah, I'm trying to make my info look neater, so from now on, all my colour bars/is love bars are goin on this post~

baton! (one more post tonight!)

//tagged by pinkucherii

① Total volume of music files on the PC?

MP3: 11.3 GB
Videos: 4.17 GB

② Song listening to at the moment:

Go!Go!7188 - Ruriiro

③ Last CD bought:

Bridget Jones Diary Off the Edge of Reason OST

④ 5 songs that are special to me through those I listen to often:

Love Psychedelico - Last Smile
Bonnie Pink - Lie Lie Lie
hide - Tell Me
Panic*ch - Pink Cherry
Go!Go!7188 - Love Only For You

⑤ 5 people to whom I'm passing the baton:


C'mon people! Don't let it die!!

Watch Out N.C. Here come teh Zs

Today started with the covers of the bread loaf, cold cafe con leche, and a ton of orders.

I went to Target to get shampoo, mom sent me with a massive list with specific things that she wasnt being specific about. Only good thing at Target, this guy gave me a free green tea frap OMG it was good.

Tomorrow, Me, my family, and north carolina have an engagement. heh.

..right, so here's the deal:

We (being my mother, father, brothers, and I) are embarking on the annual trip of hell. Ah yea, to North Carolina we venture. These trips, while costly and in-freakin-sane, are nice to look back on I suppose. This year seems to be the most interesting thus far.

SO FAR it was planned this afternoon, we leave tomorrow "morning". I believe we're staying in a cabin located in Maggie Valley, A.K.A. el culo d'el mundo! (for all of you non-spanish speakers, THE WORLD'S ASS, doesnt sound as right in english...) Also, seeing as how our van was actin up dad up and decided HAY GUYS! IT'S TIME FOR A NEW CAR! and switched it for some monster-sized Buick thing? I'm not certain, but I think it's called a Terraza? lol.. what a name. I've only seen it in the dark, I thought it was blue, mom told me it was green, so i decided its turquoise, that's in the middle right? At the beginning of the summer my car was the "new" car, it seems to have become the eldest. SO this vacation hasn't exactly started, but boy was my mother right, it's already an adventure.

SO!!! (yes, another "so", what of it??) Here are the rules for teh typical 5z's vacation.

1. NO COMPUTERS!!!@!#$#%^$

Yes, if I even think of a computer dad like magically senses it and has a moo cow, who then passes it on to my mother who then proceeds to want to exorsize me. heh. SO I shall return in 7..8..days? maybe nine. who knows.


If any of us don't want to do what mom or dad said, then they say we're grumpy and antagonizes us for a week about it. Yup! Isn't freedom of expression grand?

3. Don't fight with any one, even if theyre utterly wrong.

Dad gets grumpy.. well, grumpier. Then he blames everything on us. Then mom says look what you did. u.u;; then everyones mad at everyone. the end.

4. It's better if you don't use anything that involves headphones or things that touch your ears ( this includes but is no limited to cell phones and cd players).

This some how seems to cause my father some sort of stress! I've never really understood it, something about not wanting to be with the family, and not loving them. Mom never really cared, but she gets mad when dad does, then blames it on us, eventhough she prolly had some part in it. :D

5. Don't look sad, achey, or in any sort of discomfort.

This openes you up for EVERY AND ANY kind of attack. These attacks include but are not limited to "aawww it's cause you aren't with your boyfriend/girlfriend", "whats wrong with you, you just want to go home. you hate being with your family", (think of this one with them pretending to be you)"I'm SO MISERABLE waaah". They may also make up some childish taunting song that will be remembered for years to come, this I know from experience.

KAY that's it for the rules.

Also, I don't know how much I will be able to call.. o(;o;)o

..Right, so.. I may or may not post tomorrow morning. Dad said he wants to leave by 11am. We'll see if that actually happens! If I don't... GOOD BYE LJ-ers~

OH btw, Travis (in punta gorda) had a tornado a few hrs ago, GO SEE?!
waahhh tara ish graduated! *whines a bit* i will miss his part of panikku~!!!

Translated Graduation entry.

I still can't wait to see what he does next~

I wonder if he will model?

I spose I'll updated beauty_n_stupid tonight or this afternoon.. iunno..

..BTW, our family disaster adventure begins saturday. We still don't know where we're going.


I swear, Koda Kumi is trying to wink out some sexual morse code at me!

Jul. 9th, 2005

click teh piggy's nose~
or anywhere on the piggy, as vicky pointed out!

doooo it!~